Salvador Dalí museum-house

First of all we want to say sorry to all of our readers because we didn’t write for a long, we were too busy. Today we want to show you another small trip. We visited the house of Salvador Dalí in Portlligat, small town close to Cadaqués at Costa Brava. Salvador Dalí lived there with her wife Felipa Domènech i Farrés, Gala. Salvador Dalí ordered to build this house with the goal to cut oneself off and to feel in pace to paint. It’s easy to understand why he chose this place; you just only to visit Portlligat. We would like to inform that if you’re thinking to visit the house. You must reserve the day and the time that you want to go there. Usually, it’s full of people and the visits are in small groups of eight people.

On this video you can watch the biography of Salvador Dalí, one of the best painters.



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