Beget, Alta Garrotxa

It was a cloudy day and we decided, instead of to go to the beach, visit small towns lost on the mountains. Finally we arrived to Beget.

Beget is a town located on the pre-Pyrenees of  Catalonia. Llierca river born close to the town. The wild waters of that river cross that. Twenty seven locals were living on Beget during 2005.

We were hungry, too hungry. We went in a restaurant at 6 pm, it’s not a usual time to eat in Spain. Well, the waiter told us that we could eat only cold dishes. We ordered some sausage and cold meat. He brought: pà amb tomàquet, garlic, jamón serrano, chorizo, jamón dulce, fuet, salchichón, butifarra negre i blanca and red wine. Pà amb tomàquet is a traditional Catalan food to eat with all the kind of sausages. You must take the toasted bread. Then you cut the garlic on a half and rub on the bread. After that, also cut the tomato on a half and rub it on the bread too. The best part is to apply salt and olive oil. Ready to eat!!! 🙂

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  1. Me encantan las fotografias, ¡¡¡ ohhhh que lindos recuerdos!!!, su comida, deli…; sus paisajes únicos; la atención en el restaurante, y por supuesta esa linda compañia. Gracias muchachos. Los amo.

  2. 2, I’m Nhat Linh and I come from Viet Nam. I knew Beget through a web and I really loved it. I love travel and I love go to everywhere on over the world.

    Nice to meet u and warmly welcome you two to Viet Nam. I’ll be very happy if both of you come to Viet Nam. Pls call me, I’ll be a free tourgide

    Nice day and good luck ^ ^

    Contact me : email :
    mobile phone : 84 0949 23 23 77

    • Hi again Nhat, 🙂

      It’s a pleasure to know that we have a reader from Vietnam. We are thinking for long time ago to visit Vietnam, Laos & Myanmar. We would love to visit your country 🙂

      We hope, if some day you’ll visit Barcelona to write us and we will show you the best parts and nicest non-touristic places.

      Thanks for read our blog and to write us!

      Greetings from Barcelona


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