DENMARK, may 2008

Fast-food? No, thanks. FAST-TICKET!
I can remember that I was at home in front of the computer talking to a friend who was living in Trekroner, KøbenhavnDenmark. We’re chatting random… suddenly he told me that I had to visit him because we had a deal. Five minutes later, I booked the flight to Denmark.
Enjoy the pictures!
 Seas fight between the waters of the North Sea and the straits of Denmark, Skagen
Sea in Skagen
Church in Aalborg
Train trucks in Roskilde
Seaside from the train going from Billund to Roskilde
parking bicycles in Trekroner
Waiting the train in Roskilde
Amateur football match in Roskilde
Train station in København
Awesome picturesque houses in Skagen
Church in Skagen
My friend Edu studying in Denmark
Road to the «end» of the world in Skagen
Seaside in Skagen too.

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