CHINA, summer 2008

China. It was an accidental trip. I supposed to travel to Mexico the summer of 2008. But a very good friend took the decision of going to study to China, then, I didn’t have the excuse to not to visit him. It was a deal that I did. I just said to him: “If you’ll go to study to China, I’ll come to visit you”.
I hope that you’ll enjoy this few pictures that I took when I was in China, the summer of 2008.
Thanks have a good day
Breakfast in Tian Tou Village
Family picture with locals of Tian Tou Village
Traditional food in Fenghuang
Panoramic in Fenghuang
Street market in Zhangjiajie
Bed bus going to Fenghuang
Riverside of Fenghuang
Street in Beijing
Restaurant in Beijing
Small child in Beijing
Hutong in Beijing
Kids with a rabbit in Beijing
Hanging out the washing in Beijing

Guys with a chickens in Linxia
Chinese travelers in Xian
Bike mechanic in Xian
City center in Yangshuo
Xian warriors
Kitchen in Longsheng





3 responses to “CHINA, summer 2008”

  1. Mola Avatar

    Amazing!!!!!, I love it ♥

  2. davaoena Avatar

    i hope you can visit the philippines too! the frogs look scared by the way hahahah

  3. muriSHo Avatar

    wooow I would love it!!!! 🙂 do u eat frogs in Philipines too?? Greetings from Barcelona

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