WESTERN BALKANS Road Trip, November 2008

Were the countries which I have visited during the visit of a friend while I was living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Three people, almost destroyed Volkswagen Polo from 1996 (which traveled from Barcelona to Slovenia), cold winter and snow, Were the conditions of this Road Trip.
I wish that you will enjoy the pictures
Lonely bench in Beograd, Serbia
Amazing church in Beograd, Serbia
One of the largest Orthodox cathedrals in the world, Beograd, Serbia
Josip Broz Tito’s grave in Beograd, Serbia
Random street in Jajce, Bosnia.
Mosque on the way to Sarajevo, Bosnia
Church in Jajce, Bosnia
Views from the fortress of Jajce, Bosnia
Waterfall close to Jajce, Bosnia
Traditional cheese store on the way to Sarajevo, Bosnia

Street market close to near Jajce
Gypsy market, Bosnia
Center of Sarajevo, Bosnia
Execution wall in Sarajevo, Bosnia
From this place took the beginning of the first world war, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Cemetery in Sarajevo, Bosnia
Earth watch arriving to Mostar, Bosnia
Mostar view’s, Bosnia
Wall in Mostar, Bosnia
Inside of destroyed house in Mostar, Bosnia
Amazing destroyed building in Mostar, Bosnia
Old car, shrapnel wall in Mostar, Bosnia
City center of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Street on the center of Dubrovnik, Croatia
Stairs going to the church in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Awe-inspiring panoramic from Dubrovnik, Croatia
Driving thru the mountains of Montenegro
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