European summer festivals

Sonar, Barcelona. Thursday 14 to Saturday 16 of June 2012, Barcelona. Probably, the best dance and electro festival in Europe. Capacity from 50.000 people. Great opportunity to visit Barcelona and also enjoy this music festival.

Leeds Festival. Friday 24 of August till 26 of August 2012. It’s a wonderful festival with capacity for 75.000 people. Basically it’s a rock/pop festival with some dance and electrical concerts too.

Sudoeste Festival. Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal. Wednesday 01 of August till Sunday 05 of August 2012. Dance, electro, rock and pop are 80% of concerts on this small town on the Algarve, south of Portugal. Why not? Planing a trip to the coast of Portugal and being part of the Sudoeste Festival.

There are a lot of festivals in Europe during the summer. If you love to travel and those kind of festivals, the summer is the best opportunity to enjoy it all at the same time. These three festivals are small representation of all of them, probably from my point of view the best ones. 🙂

It’s important to know that if you would like to attend to one of them you must buy the tickets as soon as possible, check the way to get there, places to sleep and also the flights. Usually for these dates it’s impossible to get tickets, flights and place to sleep few days before the festival.

It’ll be nice to get the comments and the opinion of our readers about the festivals that you were or festivals that you know that are simply amazing. Here it goes me recommendation: Sonar Festival. If you like electro music and you would like to visit Barcelona, the days of this festivals maybe is the best time to visit the city. Also, Primavera Sound Festival. It’s also in Barcelona and it’s a good excuse for a five days visiting Barcelona. Enjoying the best during the day and also the night.

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  1. Ohhh great post on summer festivals! My friends had invited me to attend the Primavera festival in Barcelona but now have other plans. Have you ever heard of that one? It’s mostly fun electro, indie bands 🙂

    Cathy Trails

    Found your blog on lonely planet, thanks for sharing!


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