Karlovačko, October 2010

Weekend trip to Karlovačko, Zagreb. Croatia.  Was too late, we were searching for a cheap hostel going outside Zagreb. We got to small town close to Karlovačko (small city near Zagreb). Searching, searching, searching, we arrived to a particular B&B. We ordered something to eat and we finish the night talking with few old localContinue reading “Karlovačko, October 2010”


Here you have the new category of this blog: Bagpack Traveller LITTLE’S BREAKOUT. Day-trip to the pre-pyrenees in the north of Catalonia. Pedraforca is the hardest tower to climb and the most emblematic in Catalonia. Altitude of 2.497 meters. View arriving to Pedraforca, North of Catalunya Panoramic Pedraforca Frozen river, Walking to Pedraforca Showing theContinue reading “Little’s breakout, PEDRAFORCA, NORTH OF CATALONIA”

WESTERN BALKANS Road Trip, November 2008

Were the countries which I have visited during the visit of a friend while I was living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Three people, almost destroyed Volkswagen Polo from 1996 (which traveled from Barcelona to Slovenia), cold winter and snow, Were the conditions of this Road Trip. I wish that you will enjoy the pictures Lonely benchContinue reading “WESTERN BALKANS Road Trip, November 2008”