Morocco Road trip, day 2 (part I). April 2011

We woke up in front of the doors of Sahara in Foum Zguid. After long conversation with the boss of the hostel were we sleep, Auberge Irki. We decided to drive to Zagora and find there someone or an agency to make the excursion across the Sahara.

On the way we found eight boys playing football at 3pm under the overwhelming sun, 33 Cº on a eleven football field. Then I decided to sheathe my Barça t-shirt and play with them. After no more than 20 minutes and won the match, because was impossible to play longer we gave to them presents that we brought from Barcelona. T-shirts, socks, shorts, pens etc.
It was amazing experience to feel so happy giving this presents to them. The happy faces that we saw with stuff that in our country we don’t value enough.
Second part of the day 2 of the Morocco Road Trip in few days





4 responses to “Morocco Road trip, day 2 (part I). April 2011”

  1. Sanja Avatar

    Great pictures!

  2. Travel Photo Blogging Avatar

    Great photos! They remind me of my holidays there. For me the most photogenic places in Morocco were Erg Chebbi desert, Essaouira and Fes. I hope you have a great time there. You are welcome to check out my blog for an idea or two:

  3. Daniel Murillo Avatar

    From my point of view I share your opinion of the most photogenic places. But, I would like to say that during my second trip to Morocco I could contemplate one of the best panoramic views of my life. This was on the way arriving to Foum Zguid. Simply AMAZING!!!

  4. muriSHo Avatar

    I was two times in Morocco. The first time I visited these places that you mentioned and I really like it. During my second trip, I saw one of the most panoramic views of my life. The road from Agdz to Foum Zguid. Something fantastic trust me 🙂

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