Expired Thailand visa

Expired Thailand visa. My 2 months visa is expiring tomorrow and I was told that I have to leave the country. After discussing with some friends they have told me that the fastest solution is to go with a mini-van via a tour operator as most of the foreign people is doing.

21st Aug
Expired Thailand visa

Thailand Islands

Thailand is one of the popular travel places in the world and it is the home to lot of tropical islands. Phuket is the famous Thailand island and it is between pattaya and Bangkok. There are plenty of wonderful white sand beaches on this island that include karon, patong, kamala, kata, nai harn and surin. When you want to enjoy nightlife, you can choose either samui or phuket for your next tour.

21st Aug
Thailand Islands

Thai mushrooms

I have been asked by some Thai friends for going to find thai mushrooms tomorrow morning (Sunday) at the mountains and I have accepted of course, since I love to eat mushrooms. They have told me we would go quite early; around 6am in the morning we should be there so I need to be ready at 5:30am. Sunday 5:30am and I’m awake, incredible, but happy to start this new adventure/experience in Thailand. We are all going with our motorbikes and we are going slowly since it’s still dark.

19th Aug
Thai mushrooms

Thai rice fields

Since I’m leaving in a Thai family I have proposed myself as a rice farm worker/helper. My colleagues have asked me to be awake at 6:00am in the morning so we can have breakfast all together.

17th Aug
Thai rice fields

Thai Boxing fight

Thai Boxing fight. August 2005, Samui Island, South of Thailand. At that time I was 20 years old. I have been training during 2 intensive months at the WMC Lamai Muay Thai Camp...

15th Aug
Thai Boxing fight

Safe Thailand

Thailand Travel Tips: Preparation and Precautions to Stay Safe. Because of its diverse nature and different culture, many Western tourists are apprehensive about travelling to Thailand. With years of political unrest, infamous natural disasters and highly publicised cases of tourists getting hurt and killed in the country then it’s not hard to see why.

13th Aug
Safe Thailand

Day 12, Yokohama and Tokio part III

We spent the day at Yokohama during almost all day and then...

09th Aug
Tokio - Yokohama

Day 11, Tokio part II

We woke up around 9am. We had breakfast with Ryo, our Japanese...

08th Aug
Tokio part 2

Day 10, Tokio part I

Finally, it was the day to visit Tokio after ten days around...

03rd Aug

Day 9, Kamakura and Yokohama

Today we enjoyed the day with our friend Tomoko and her soon...

29th Jul

Day 8, Fuji mountain

Fuji Mountain. I had three amazing travelling experience on my live. First one was in Argentina, when I went to the south of the country, to Calafate, to visit El Perito Moreno. Second experience where I felt something that it's too dificult to explain with my words was in China.

23rd Jul
Fuji mountain

Fushimi Inari-taisha, day 7

We came back to Kyoto to go to Inari Taisha. We took...

16th Jul
Fushimi Inari-taisha

Takamatsu and Kotohira day 6

We slept at Okamaya on a typical Japanese Hotel. There are some...

30th Jun
Takamatsu Kotohira

Hiroshima and Miyajima day 5

We spent three days in Kyoto. We were conscious that we left...

28th Jun

Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji day 4

Kyoto day 4. We decided to visit the North of Kyoto. There...

23rd Jun