Travel 2.0 across Colombia

Colombia, trip 2.0. We would like to invite you to follow our trip across Colombia on the other travel blog that we have. We’re updating day a day our trip, our adventures, our trekkings, our meals and of course our pictures.

Hope that you’ll enjoy it and hope to get your advices and tips if you travelled before to Colombia.

Wish that you’re going to have a nice day


Beautiful typical house at Colombia

2 responses to “Travel 2.0 across Colombia”

  1. yeah..that was a great adventure, you have to visit my country Indonesia to get a new sensation of your adventure.
    have a nice day, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi,

      Colombia is amazing country. Full of contrasts. I want to mention that I was surprised with the people. They are so kind and friendly. I met great people full of good vibrations.

      Hope to visit Indonesia soon!!! 🙂

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