Collioure, small town on the south of France

Collioure. Collioure is small town on the south of France, on the region Languedoc-Roussillon. Probably the most beautiful town of this region. An ancient terraced vines give a wonderful panoramic views.

We suggest visiting this small town on Sunday, like this it’ll be easy to enjoy the traditional market. There you can taste all kind of homemade food that the storekeepers prepared with love.

This town is also known because Gabriel García Lorca fled from Spain during the Civil War.

6 responses to “Collioure, small town on the south of France”

  1. Beautiful colors! Very vivid!

    1. Thanks! 😉 this is Collioure 🙂

  2. dude, it simply breathtaking. keep it up!

  3. The multi-colored buildings remind me of the Boca in Buenos Aires.

    1. hi Scott,

      I was thinking the same. I didn’t go to la Boca but for the pictures that I saw it’s almost the same!!! 🙂

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