Etretat, Normandia (France)

Etretat, Normandia. You can find a small town on the region of Normandia called Etretat. It is two hours ago from the capital of France, Paris. Etretat is famous for the giant cliffs. From the beach, full of stones, it’s easily to appreciate the views from small church surrounded of full green grass. From this point, you can see the most famous cliff from the “eye of the needle”. It’s an arc of seventy meters formed of the erosion of the water and wind.

This is an excellent place to stop for a lunch, to enjoy the beach and to delight the contrast of the white stones of the cliffs, the views and the profundity of the sea making a wonderful landscape.

4 responses to “Etretat, Normandia (France)”

  1. The food looks very rich – looks like quite an eating experience.

    1. yeah, it was amazing meal 😉 also the views from the restaurant

  2. Is this boy your son? He is adorable 😉 and there is good place!!!

    1. Not, we do not have children still, maybe soon ;), he is Mateo, our little nephew, he is so cute <3. And the place …. the images speak, Amazing!!!!!

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