Morocco Road trip, day 2 (part II). April 2011

After the match we decided to drive to Zagora. The panoramic was simply amazing, we were almost the only one’s driving on these roads. Our surprise was when suddenly we saw six dromedaries crossing the road. We couldn’t believe what our eyes were seeing. Wasn’t necessary to say a word, we stopped the car on the middle of the road and begin to take pictures of them and enjoying the surrealist moment. Then, we continued our road trip.
Few minutes later, our next surprise was to find a small Kasbah on the way. We left the car and begin to walk through it. We met a hospitable village man. He invited us to his house. We met all the family, drink tea, eat traditional food etc. These people were so kind, polite and careful with us.
After the meeting with all the family we drove till Zagora. There, we met Yonás who help us so much. He took care of us with all the stuff that we needed. we will talk about him in the next post.
Next week, pictures of the day three.

4 responses to “Morocco Road trip, day 2 (part II). April 2011”

  1. Nice pictures. Love the pictures of the camels.

  2. Thanks, when I was so close of the camels I believe the opportunity that the symmetric of the shape of the dromedaries and the legs was giving to me. 🙂

  3. Nice! I see they had the ‘traditional’ dates! and I love them and still have some…. ❤ I just adore the 'Arabic' culture!!!!!!!! just love it….. ❤ ❤ ❤ So much like our, Latin culture!!!!!!!! 🙂 loving your blog and the pictures are fantastic!!!!!

  4. Hi Texan, I feel happy reading your words 😉 I also adore Arabic culture. Usually, they are so kind and love to bring tourist to their house, give some tea, some food, talk to them etc. lovin’ it!

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