We’re going to MOROCCO!!!

This Wednesday we’re going to Morocco, then We made this video showing the way that we choose to fly there 😉
We’ll publish the pictures as soon as possible.

12 responses to “We’re going to MOROCCO!!!”

  1. Have a great time in Morocco 🙂 and don’t forget about the pictures..

  2. Thank u! We’ll take a LOT! 🙂

  3. qué grande el vídeo murishoooooo

  4. That was a funny video, hope you’ll have fun in Morroco. And stay away from the flying carpets, they don’t have safety belts Arts.

  5. hehehe thanks all of you! I love this video, it’s amazing!!!! 🙂

  6. jajaj, kins artistes, amunt el blog!

  7. Graaande eduard!!! Espero que tot vagi molt be per el Peru, que es diu rapid 🙂 Salutacions desde el Marroc

  8. That…was…AWSOME!

  9. thanks Kendra! 🙂 we were so lucky to be in a tv studio asap more picture of Morocco

  10. Hi, Its really a great place to visit and I am also excited as I am soon traveling there.. Your post is a great help to me..

  11. Hi Villa Holidays 🙂 I was in Morocco two times, then wherever you need just ask me. I can tell you nice places to visit, amazing roads to see the best panoramic views etc. Also I’ll post soon pictures about the trip.

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