Camper road trip: Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia (part I) March 2009

18 days, 5 guys (one slovenian, one portuguese, one turkish and two catalans.), 7 countries (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia) and almost a camper
This was our camper road trip:.

3 responses to “Camper road trip: Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia (part I) March 2009”

  1. Hello,

    We’re considering doing a road trip (rent a car for 4-5 days) during end of March. Would you be kind enough to answer a few questions? We’re particularly interested in renting a car for 4-5 days and exploring the place. Not too keen on cities but hiking, lakes, horse riding, canoeing, mountains are what we’re looking for.

    During the last week of March, should we expect snowy conditions across the country ? (Never driven in snow)

    Any preference for what type of car we should be getting? Driving and road conditions?

    Any thoughts on the timing – if it’s perhaps too cold to head out to remote villages / nature?


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