Trekking season Nepal

Trekking season Nepal

Trekking season Nepal

I don’t know how I end up here, in Kathmandu, but I know why I have come.

It is the beginning of the trekking season Nepal and the city is full of enthusiasm and an adventurous spirit. I still have not felt the same passion. The only thing that I knew once I have step on Nepal is that I needed to get a place to sleep, which I finally obtained after doing something that you are not supposed to do, exchange your money at the airport and get a ride from two kind guys who promised me to have the best hostel in town. Anyway, I was tired and in less the one hour I was having a nice but cold shower in order to get rid of all the hours of my journey.

I have spent one week in Katmandu knowing lots of people I did not know before. Downtown is a sort of labyrinth full of shops selling all the gear you might need for your trekking season Nepal.

However, if you pay attention there are lots of hidden spots. These talk about the glorious past of this city, as it was the crossroads of ancient commercial routes, also known as the trans-Himalayan route, where the trade between India and China had to pass. From what I could hear from different locals, Nepal is actually shaped by its medieval past. This country was at the center of all this commercial routes. At that time there were no planes or internet. Nepal, or the valley in which Katmandu is settled, was as a sort of a meeting point, where all the cultures, tribes, traditions, religions used to gather together with a relative harmony. I am saying this because, the other day I decided to get on a public bus and visit a nearby town known as Bhaktapur, a splendid mix of all the different Nepali ethnicities.

My best advise for Katmandu is to avoid Thamei for sleeping and try to go to bed early and then wake up even before the sun rises. Then start visiting all the historical spots of the city such as Swayanbunath, Durbar Square or Bouhanat. If you do it in the rush hours, I believe that it might lose its mysticism.

It could be said that Katmandu is not beautiful, but I would definitely disagree with this opinion. I truly believe that for someone who does not know where he has to go, Katmandu can offer your lots of answers for questions you did not even ask to yourself.

One night I discovered that I am sleeping at Freak Street, which is the place where in the early 1960’s the western hippie movement finally found its place to be and relax.

I finally got the e-mail that I was waiting. It says that I have to reach a town placed at the end of the Annapurna Circuit, which is one of the official trekking routes that you can do. The e-mail contains essential information. It says that it basically goes around the Annapurna mountains. Apparently it takes between fifteen and twenty days to finish the trek, reaching altitudes close to 6000 meters. They suggest me to find trekking partners in order to avoid any suspicious reaction from the villagers once I am there. After gathering around the city, the other day I finally meet two ladies from Europe and they told me that are about to start the Annapurna Circuit during best trekking season Nepal.

The best advise before starting is to acquire all the necessary gear for your Trekking season Nepal: ‘a pair of good boots, warm and light clothes, two t-shirts, a pair of socks…well do not carry lots of things’, this what they were telling me while we
were eating momos, ‘the lighter your backpack is the better, just remember that it can get really cold and really hot, so don’t fool around with your gear and spend your money because up there is nothing else than you and nature.

I believe that I am ready to begin.

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Trekking season Nepal

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