Traveling with a baby by van. How to prepare your luggage?

Traveling with a baby by van. How to prepare your luggage?

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Traveling with a baby by van.

This Christmas we decided to hire a California and travel a part of Andalusia with our little Valentina. The purpose of this post is to give advice to knowingly traveling families who venture to travel with their babies in van.

Los 3 y la California, Traveling with a baby by van

Tip number 1: your suitcase.

The difficult task of preparing everything you need to bring. Your case and your personal belongings go to the background. Now it is to focus on the needs of your baby. For this reason, the first tip is to prepare your suitcase minimum. Take half of what you had in mind or the half too what you wore before parenthood.
Remember. Simplify, simplify and simplify.

Tip number 2: your companion ‘s suitcase.

In the line of what I mentioned earlier . If you have to simplify your packages. Then, you must negotiate with your wife too. She must simplify her belongings.
Believe me, thank you going when you’re on the road.

Tu maleta


Equipo fotográfico y jamón

Tip number 3. Suitcase baby.

It’s time that the world is paralyzed and can not forget anything.
Our advice. Put everything you have thought to bring above a sofa, bed or table. When you see the mountain of things that have caught and then take a picture of you the sights.

Within the tip 3 mini – van a very useful tips:

¿ Really you are thinking of carrying two 36 diapers packs for the trip? Don’t make the mistake we made ourselves. Unless your trip is destined for a place where there are no supermarkets or pharmacies then take 20 diapers, no more. Diapers is something that takes up space. You can go shopping on the go.

Episode toys. Yes, it’s true. It is important to keep your little toys to have a distraction. But you need to take the box / entire toy cupboard . Not going to use all going to play with a quarter ( if that) of which has led you . Moreover , it’s fun to buy a gift for your little during your trip. Another junk to load.

Clothing. This is the highlight of the item. How much you’ll get clothes for your baby ? Remember the photo you ‘ve taken of your small packages ? Now start analyzing. Do you need to take 10 bibs? There are magnificent plastic bibs and other apparel that can be cleaned at night. Is it necessary to take such a mountain of clothes for x days of trip? Our advice is: wear pajamas One-Piece and two day trip just in case. Pants, socks, sweaters, coats etc. . Forget it ! With pants every 2/3 days is enough. In same way for coats, sweaters etc. If you ‘re traveling with a baby who does not walk is going to spend most of the day resting or sleeping basket.

La maleta del bebé

Tip number 4: few lumps.

We like to bring everything in a few packages. Red alert with the arrival of small. Since the probability of start carrying packages and more packages increases uncontrollably.
Trying to bring the lowest possible gear. Objective to achieve is: 1 bag per passenger, 1 backpack / bag per passenger, one bag for the small (this will be twice the size of yours, but do not wan ) and the diaper bag or purse with things for small for day to day. If you succeed in doing this, please send the photo finish everything before loading the van. In the picture you can appreciate four packages, we finally got were three a record ! 🙂

Pocos bultos

For today ‘s all. The next post is continue to talk in detail about our trip to Andalusia with small Valentia.

Preparados para el viaje, Traveling with a baby by van

Ready for the trip!


We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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  1. Stunning!! great tips, many families should learn how to package suitcases for going on holidays with reading this post. thanks and keep going with the good job.

  2. Just packing my own stuff can be challenging enough… I can’t even think how difficult must be packing for a trip with a baby on board… 🙂 I will save this for the future (surely it will help! as I would probably be the one taking 100 nappies) lol!

    I specially liked your sentence “Remember. Simplify, simplify and simplify.” I think it applies to just about everything in life. 🙂

  3. Me he levantado perezoso y no me apetece responder en inglés, pero la pregunta es evidente: ¿Guardas una plancha de jamón entre los cables de la cámara? Si es así avisa que para Valonia yo llevo el resto, ya sabes pan de pagès, tomate y aceite de Camp Rosset

  4. Although I don’t travel with kids I’m afraid I have to learn how I can simplify my package. I always take a lot more of what I need 🙁