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All the information that you need if you are planning to travel to Colombia

Colombia. What to say about Colombia. Just a little anecdote. Just over eight months ago I met a travel journalist. One of these is most days sleeping outside his house at home. To my question: “How many countries have you visited?” and the type of response without any arrogant attitude “I tell you I’m missing 6 countries to visit.” My next question, knowing there was an eminence world traveler, was knowing that country had treated him better. His answer was Colombia.

I remember the days before my first trip to Colombia. When I told my friends and family about my next destination. They all put their hands on head frightened and worried. Friends, Colombia is much more than it sells us the cocktail sauce and traditional media. Colombia is a wonderful country and I can also say that it is the country in which I have tried all the best that I have traveled.

Without further ado I will detail all written articles and those to come, and all information related to the pearl of South America.

Our first trip to Colombia was in Cundinamarca and Boyaca:

Our second trip went to Leticia, in the Amazon:

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  • Important to know these essential things you can not forget that bring to the Amazon?
  • Do not forget the cuisine What to eat in the Amazon, 7 course you can not miss (under construction)
  • What to drink in the Amazon (under construction)
  • Our first day in the Amazon Leticia, Amazons Day 1
  • We arrived at the manger called Colombia Puerto Nariño, Amazons Day 2
  • Third day in Puerto Narino, Amazons Day 3 (under construction)
  • Communities in the Amazon, at a red zone guerrillas and malaria day 4 (under construction)
  • Caballo Cocha and Cuchillo Cocha, coqueros peoples day 5. The night we slept in a room with bloody walls (under construction)
  • The kilometers of Leticia, 6th (under construction)

The third time we went we traveled north to Colombia, the Colombian Caribbean:

  • Essential in Santa Marta, day 1 (under construction)
  • Palomino Beach and Wildlife Sanctuary of Flamingos in Camarones, day 2 (under construction)
  • Riohacha, Day 3 (under construction)
  • La Guajira day 4. Surely the day I’ve been more afraid of traveling (under construction)
  • The Tayronaka 5th (under construction)
  • Taganaga 6th (under construction)
  • What to eat in the Colombian Caribbean (under construction)
  • What to drink in the Colombian Caribbean (under construction)

Several of Colombia:

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  • Tips for air travel with a baby
  • Apps for travel in Colombia (under construction)
  • Handbook Colombian vocabulary and expressions (under construction)
  • Colombian food recipes (under construction)
  • In this section we share, video, movies, series and documentaries on Colombia:
    • Colombian Series:
      • One of the best Colombian series: Pablo Escobar Pattern evil
    • Colombian films. You can follow our list of Colombian films imdb:
      • The Lady of the Assassins
      • Dreaming does not cost anything
      • Operation E
      • Dr. German
      • Semaphore society
    • Reading
      • Satan, profile of a murderer
    • Colombian Books:
      • “No Silence Has an End”. Ingrid Betancourt writes about his abduction. 6 and a half years of captivity in the Colombian jungle
    • Documentaries on Colombia:
    • Random videos