Tips for flying with a baby

Tips for flying with a baby

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Good morning readers. In this post we prepared tips for flying with a baby. We also invite you to visit our blog section with all items related tips for traveling with a baby.

Our first experience was when Ingrid flew with Valentina, just the two from Barcelona to Bogota, Colombia. And second one, the return trip from Colombia: Ingrid, Valentina and me. We divided into two parts tips for flying with a baby. The first part, deals with aspects to consider before buying the tickets, and the second part advices for the day that you’re going to fly with your baby.

1. Important things to consider before buying tickets for flying with a baby.

  • Surprise. Your baby can fly with only 48 hours of life, you should wait a week before flying. Anyway we always recommend checking with your pediatrician.
  • Since its first day of life to 23 months the baby will not pay for the ticket. You only have to pay an amount can vary depending on the distance of the target from the city of origin. The flight from Barcelona to Bogota it cost only 150 euros.
  • Recording in the booking / buying flight that traveling with a baby. It has happened in some families do not keep records traveling with a baby at the airport and do not let them fly. Although small do not pay your ticket you must ‘buy’ the flight ticket.
  • Trying to save the scales. If a direct flight is always more expensive. A distant flight usually always tired, you can not imagine what it is to fly to a distant destination, make one or more stops and go with a baby. Ingrid tells us that was most successful fly direct to Bogota.

2. The great day. You fly with your baby.

  • Try to check all possible baggage and the stroller. The idea is to have your hands free.
  • After checked. Carry a handbag + backpack carrier, nothing else. Note that the airport staff and airline are not authorized to take your baby in your arms to give you a hand.
  • Search areas to play with babies or children.
  • To prevent baby ear problems due to pressure during takeoff and landing, we recommend that the baby use the dummy. Valentina did not suffer any problem and that during takeoff kept pulling the pacifier and played to raspberries to other passengers.
  • Meals. During the flight from Barcelona to Bogota with Avianca the flight kitchen does not come prepared with Microwave. What they did was warm water bath. Which means that the probability that take 30 minutes to bring the hot and boiling water is very high. We recommend that you ask and you use all that water will usually warm and to prepare a bottle. Or give it with natural temperature.
  • If you have to fill papers on customs. Fail to do when the baby is sleeping and do not let the last minute.
  • If your baby weighs less than 11 kg, you can use cradle on the plane. If weighing more must carry your baby. At the moment you check-in remembers to ask the crib. Important not to forget a blanket (extra to you get on the plane) because the cabin is very cold.
  • You often have in the airplane bathroom baby changer.
  • A phrase that made us much grace of Ingrid at the airport in Bogota, ‘I took her to everywhere. even in the bathroom, where else? ‘ Hahaha

That is all for today. As always we expect it to be as helpful as possible this information and help clarify these families with babies who have doubts arise when flying

flight with a baby

flight with a baby

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