Thai rice fields

Thai rice fields

First day at the Thai rice fields.

Roi Et Province, North-east of Thailand.

Another great post about Thailand. Eric De Robles wrote for bagpack traveller his experiences leaving in Thailand.

Since I’m living in a Thai family I have proposed myself as a rice farm worker/helper. My colleagues have asked me to be awake at 6:00am in the morning so we can have breakfast all together.

Done, the next day I wake up at 5:45am, so I am ready to join them at 6 as I was asked. The food is ready and like everyday rice is not missing in the meal. What shocks me is that everyone getting drunk before going to work, obviously I’m not doing it since it’s only 6:30 in the morning and I’m supposed to work all day. Not to forget that all the workers are around 50s or 60s years old except me, the younger one, 27 years old.

Once the food has been finished, we all take the motorbikes and start driving to the Thai rice fields. Our team is composed by five persons in total. The land that we have to fill up with the rice plant is about 1,000sqm.

Let me explain you a bit deeper about the situation. We are only five persons for a land of 1,000sqm and four of us are completely drunk. The night before has rained so the ground is very wet and anyone is wearing shoes to work. That is a bit scary because we can’t imagine what kind of animals/insects are in the ground specially in that kind of fields; for example snakes are easy to find in that areas.

I try to learn from the other farmers and try to make the work as fast as possible but incredibly, everyone is doing it faster than me even they are older than me and they are drunk. Everyone is very happy to work with me since they have never seen any foreign person doing that kind of job. They try to teach me as good as possible. Thailand local people are so friendly.

After three hours working on the Thai rice fields, I can’t continue because my back is completely destroyed and I’m so tired. Now my question is, how this old people can resist this kind of work 8-10 hours per day?

Here are some answers:

– Is their job.

– They are use to it.

– They are too drunk to feel pain.

Thai rice fields

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