Thai mushrooms

Thai mushrooms

Finding mushrooms at the mountains of Thailand, backpacking.

Today, Eric is writing to us about how to find mushrooms at the Thai mountains.

Non Kham, Roi Et, North-East of Thailand.

I have been asked by some Thai friends for going to find thai mushrooms tomorrow morning (Sunday) at the mountains and I have accepted of course, since I love to eat mushrooms. They have told me we would go quite early; around 6am in the morning we should be there so I need to be ready at 5:30am.

Sunday 5:30am and I’m awake, incredible, but happy to start this new adventure/experience in Thailand. We are all going with our motorbikes and we are going slowly since it’s still dark. We arrive at the “parking place”, just in the middle of the forest. What shocks me is that it’s just 6am in the morning and the parking is already full of motorbikes. They are telling me that some people has arrived at 3-4am in the morning in order to be the first ones and try to pick all the thai mushrooms.

It’s like a battle for picking thai mushrooms, everyone is walking fast up to the mountain without talking each other! People is picking all kind of mushrooms, which scares me a little bit since I don’t really know which ones we can eat or not, my friends are telling me to don’t worry because they know it.

After a few hours walking through the forest, my friend’s bag is full and mine is nearly empty but in any case we will share the foot. My legs are extremely tired but my friends which most of them are older than me look quite fresh, surprising.

We have arrived at home and we all are taking a shower since we look so dirty after spending nearly all the day at the mountains. After that, it’s time to eat! We are putting all the thai mushrooms together and selecting them. Since we have a lot we have decided to sell some of them at the market. We are selling 1kg for 20 bath (Thai currency) which is equal to 0,5 EURO, very cheap compared to Europe!

Finally, after cooking we are sitting all together at my friend’s place and we are eating our reward, the thai mushrooms!


Thai mushrooms

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