Thai Boxing fight

Thai Boxing fight

First Thai Boxing fight

Hi there! Here we go with a new post about Thailand. Thanks to our collaborator, Eric De Robles.

Thai Boxing fight. August 2005, Samui Island, South of Thailand. At that time I was 20 years old.

I have been training during 2 intensive months at the WMC Lamai Muay Thai Camp and learning the art of Muay Thai (thai boxing) with very top Thai trainers. I have taken the decision to have my first pro-fight and I have been proposed to make it at Phangan Island (an island at the north of Samui) in a not so big stadium. I was ready for my Thai Boxing fight?

I’m nervious, I guess because I am scared but not as much as in my second Thai fight. Back to the first one, the rules arranged from my site are: fight with no elbows and 3 rounds.

After some previous training days, fight night arrives. We take the ferry at 4pm in order to arrive at Phangan Island at 6pm since the fights start at around 8:30 night time. The trip goes fast, and we have decided to stop for a light dinner before heading to the stadium. I’m not so hungry so I just order some fruits. Once we arrive at the place, the fighter that I was supposed to fight could not make it and the promoter has picked someone else without checking the weight or the experience.

I’m the only foreign fighting tonight but there is some foreign people attending the event. The place looks very simple, not even a covered stadium.

My turn, before entering the ring I see my opponent finishing a large beer what scares me a bit more. Once I’m up there my trainer tells me that everything is allowed but I have no choice but fight as good as possible.

After 2 strong rounds, at the third one, I get injured hitting him so I lost by TKO. In any case everyone has enjoyed the fight and many people has come to congratulate me. At the end of the fight my opponent invites me for a beer and that is important, after the Thai Boxing fight we are all friends but inside the ring you have no choice.

Thai Boxing fight

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