5 activities to do in Tenerife with kids

5 activities to do in Tenerife with kids

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After enjoying a great holiday in Tenerife with our little Valentina two years and three months old and some great friends like Edgardo and July, we will give our personal opinion that we believe may be are the best plans that you can do in Tenerife with kids.

5 Plans to do in Tenerife with kids

1. Dolphin watching cruise.

We booked a three hour tour with Maritime Cliffs, a company located in the port of Los Gigantes. Los Gigantes port is located right on the foot of the magnificent cliffs of the Los Gigantes. We chose the tour that starts at 11am. An important point, if you book online rather than pay 35 € the tour will cost € 28 per person.

Recommended if you go with your kids:

  • Do not drink too much fluid before boarding the ship. They can generate dizziness and vomiting accordingly.
  • Always bring water, food and some other snak.
  • In the course the little dizzy sit in the back of the boat and on the floor below. In principle it should help prevent sickness emphasizes.
  • Bring sunscreen. If you get a sunny day apply cream in abundance.
  • Bring spare clothes in case you get wet and a bathing suit.
  • In our case Valentina had a great time. We loved the dolphins and vibrated every time were seen on the surface.

Tenerife con niños

2. Natural pools.

On the island of Tenerife natural pools they formed by the lava that was deposited by the sea after the eruptions. It is an idyllic place for little kids enjoy a swim if you worry about the dangers that entails swimming in an ocean. It is a perfect opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the feeling of bathing in a ‘pool’ and have strong ocean waves crashing in front of you.
In our case we went to the pools of Garachico. They are free and we had a nice evening. You can also find natural swimming pools in Puerto de la Cruz, these pay, San Juan de la Rambla and in other parts of the island.

Tenerife con niños

3. Visit to Loro Jail.

We did not like the park. In itself the places where animals are locked up without enjoying the wild. While the park is beyond clean and the animals seem to have all the cares of the world. We assume that it is a matter of principle and it hurts to see animals out of their habitat, locked and also doing shows that leave much to be desired.

Here’s our opinion, to go or not is your decision.


4. El Teide.

If you visit Tenerife with children or without children, should be a must: El Teide. Such a spectacle offered by nature making this volcano 3,718 meters, almost the same altitude as Mount Fuji in Japan, the highest peak in Spain.

Our recommendation is to spend an entire day. To be able to climb or descend the road of Hope, splendid feeling of living for a few hours above the clouds. Forests, volcanic rocks and the scenery is majestic. Worthy of a movie.

We recommend:

  • Take warm clothes
  • See the schedules of the first funicular up to the top of Mount Teide. By car you can reach the base station Teide 2356 meters. From there then there is a funicular that costs 27 € per adult and 13.50 € children of 3-12 years. If you make your reservation online you can get 10% discount. Note that the funicular leaves you 40 minutes from the summit of Mount Teide. If you want to climb to the summit should ask permission on this website.
  • Bring water, food and a snak. There is a bar at the base camp but obviously expensive and of poor quality.
  • Important: camera to portray the tremendous landscape offers both ascent and descent.

To get there are different options:

Bus, or as they call it in Tenerife, Guagua:

  • From Puerto de la Cruz, line 348.
  • From Costa Adeje, line 342.

By car:

  • From the north via the TF-21 La Orotava-Granadilla road or the TF-24 La Laguna-El Portillo road.
  • From the south, road TF-21.
  • From the west, through the TF-38 road Boca Tauce-Chío.

Tenerife con niños

5. Walk through the paths of Anaga.

Anaga district, virtually all of it is included in the Anaga Rural Park, is located northeast of the island of Tenerife. A sensational for families to enjoy its trails and scenery. As well as routes in mountain biking, horseback riding, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking etc.

Tenerife con niños
As always we hope that this information has been useful as possible. A big hug and to keep traveling.

We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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