Takamatsu and Kotohira day 6

Takamatsu and Kotohira day 6

We slept at Okamaya on a typical Japanese Hotel. There are some rules to learn if you are thinking to spend a night on a Japanese Hotel. It means that we should take out your shoes on the entrance of the Hotel and take another kind that the boss gave to us, for walking inside. You have a traditional Kimono at your room that you must dress it inside the Hotel. You’ll sleep on the floor above Tamami. And you’ll have inside your place a traditional Japanese bathroom.

Our next goal was to explore and visit some small towns at Shikoku. It’s an island on the south of Okamaya. You can go to the island by train because Japanese built an amazing bridge to connect both Islands. We arrived to Takamatsu from Okayama. We went for a breakfast. We met a nice guy who told us that we must taste Sanuki udon. Locals in Takamatsu say that is the most typical place in Japan to eat big udon (noodles), also we read that on our guide book. After that, we went to Ritsurin-koen, one of the most beautiful gardens on Japan. It must suppose to be one of the most beautiful, but really we don’t recommend going. We didn’t like it too much. If you have the opportunity to be in Kyoto, I’m sure that you’ll see better gardens than this one at Takamatsu.

Then, we decided to go to Kotohira. It’s small town on the middle of the mountains of Shikoku. If you decide to go to Kotohira you should go to Kompira-san. It’s a sanctuary with 1368 stairs. It’s not that hard but we recommend going up at first time in the morning or at the afternoon.

We took the train to Takamtasu after 4 hours walking. We spend the night at Castle Hotel Takamatsu. It’s the second cheapest place to spend the night in Takamatsu. You can get there easily with the train, is only one stop. The boss is very kind Japanese local who speaks very good English. We recommend you to ask him where you can eat the best Sanuki Udon on the city. It’s close place near the hotel. If you want more inforamtion, please leave a comment and we’ll explain you.

Recommendations at Takamatsu and Kotohira:

1- Takamatsu, you must eat Sanuki udon
2- Kotohira, go up to the sanctuary at the afternoon

Takamatsu Kotohira

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We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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  2. Seriously?
    You didn’t like Ritsurin?
    I’m beyond surprised.
    You’re the first person I read not liking it, and it is indeed one of the most beautiful garden in Japan, if not the most beautiful.
    The only one I can think of that comes close to it, if the Kodai-ji’s garden in Kyoto, but they’re so different in style that they’re hard to compare.
    Oh well.

    1. Hi David,

      We went to Takamatsu because I read on Internet and some books that it was amazing and so beautiful parc to visit. Maybe I was expecting too much. From my point of view I didn’t like that much. Probably summer is not the best period to visit it. I supose that on spring the leaf of cherry-trees take special and incredible colour.

      It’s only me point of view and is always nice to hear another opinions, like this our readrs will have objective impresion.

      Thanks David for your comment 🙂