Six Little Travelled Countries That Will Surprise You

Six Little Travelled Countries That Will Surprise You

We all know places like France, Japan, and Australia are brimming with tourist hotspots you’ll love, but what about some of those overlooked nations? Here are six countries that’ll surprise you when you visit.

  1. India

India’s lack of tourist travel is surprising, with the nation being located slap-bang in the middle of Asia. According to the Telegraph, fewer than seven million people are said to travel there every year.

Those numbers are staggering when you consider the vast amount of attractions India has to offer – from the Taj Mahal and the Amer Fort, to the picturesque Lodi Gardens. Not to mention, traditional Indian curry is also on offer.


  1. Zimbabwe

It’s probably not a major shock that Zimbabwe goes relatively unvisited (political unrest as a result of Robert Mugabe’s regime has torn the country apart).

However, for those brave enough to risk it, the African nation will definitely surprise you as a holiday destination.

Zimbabwe plays host to hundreds of amazing locales – with the most notable arguably their vast array of national parks and the famous Victoria Falls.

  1. Colombia

Colombia had something of a reputation for being a tad dangerous in the 80s and 90s, but has since seriously cleaned up its act.

From the Ciudad Perdida (an ancient lost city) to the Tayrona National Park, there’s plenty of fun and cultural things to enjoy in this South American nation.

As the Secret Traveller says: “Colombia is now safe and welcoming, a great place to sightsee, or dance the night away in a sweaty salsa club.”


  1. Israel

Israel has been seen as the religious centre of the world for some time, but in recent years is slowly beginning to evolve into a place holidaymakers are also happy to visit.

Hiking pursuits are available in places like Masada and Galilee, with the luxurious beaches of Tel Aviv providing beachgoers and water sport enthusiasts with a place to play.

The Judean desert also provides a unique experience, with cycling available over the immense dusty tracks.


  1. Latvia

When thinking about Eastern European nations, Latvia probably isn’t one that instantly springs to mind.

However, the country provides an unusually versatile range of activities to enjoy, with a whopping 350 miles of coastline juxtaposed with the forest of the Kemeri National Park.

Riga, the nation’s capital, serves as the perfect hub of culture for people who want a more urban trip away, with shopping, museum tours and fine dining all available.

  1. Panama

The Central American nation of Panama is rapidly expanding when it comes to tourism.

The Panama Canal itself is a notable attraction, but what’s less known is the nearby town of Boquete, which provides hiking, rafting and hot springs to relax in.

Beaches are again found dotted throughout the nation, with the Bocas del Toro the most notable of these.

There you have it; six nations that will surprise you when you visit. Why not check one out?

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