Sardinia road trip

Sardinia road trip

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Welcome to our Sardinia road trip for a week

Our five-day Sardinia road trip. We flew from Barcelona to Cagliari. We landed in Cagliari early in the afternoon. We rented a car and began a new adventure to explain on our travel blog the Sardinia Road Trip. We drove to the South West of the island. Our first stop was at the beach ‘Torre di Chia’. Clean and cold water, calm beach and relax for a while. After a swim the next stop was ‘Porto Pino’. It’s a wild, lonely desert town. After a fabulous sunset we spent a long time at the Street market. We tasted all the local products: olives, cheese, wine, limoncelo, focacchia, a slice of pizza and beer (Ichnusa). Then we looked for a place to sleep.

Accommodation during Sardinia road trip

We checked our the Lonely Planet guide and Camping Sardinia was a great option. Our second day began. After a coffee and orange juice we decided to go to Isola di Sant’ Antioco. We were looking for a calm place to swim and practice snorkeling, then we drove to a faraway and calm beach. We chose Capo Sperone. Hidden and unexpected, the transparent water surprised us. We had a fantastic lunch while we were driving to the North in search of Inglesias. It’s a small town, with a cool city center and we were enjoying a beer in a terrace. A friend told us that we must visit a beach called Piscinas. Thankfully, we got directions from a local man. We got lost trying to get there because, due to a prison, we were not able to go straight ahead. Then we decided to take another way to Scivu. It was a wide and long beach where the wind was our new friend. Almost alone and with the rough waves. But, our plan was to visit this amazing and photo-worthy beach, piscinas, recommended by a Lonely Planet writer. It was a good choice, we really enjoyed the sunset there. The beach is surreal. Full of dunes and miniature swimming pools around the wide beach.

After a few months of hard work, we deserved a good lunch. Daniel asked a guy where we could eat good fish for not too expensive. The guy said that there was a Camping close there where you could eat a good and economical lunch. As always, we trusted him and decided to go there, Camping Sciopadroxiu. We sat on a terrace with panoramic view of the Piscina Beach, and all the food was incredible. We had white wine, shrimp, spaghetti with lobster as well as spaghetti with clams and mixed grilled fish. We really don’t need to say more than that.

After having dinner we drunk a coffee and drove towards the north of the Island. We slept on the car again close to Bosa, near Alghero. Early in the morning we walked around Bosa. Alghero was our next stop, probably the nicest city OF all Sardinia. Our Sardinia road trip continue after visiting this unforgettable city we hited the road again towards Capo Caccia, where we visited the Grotte di Nettuno. A nice couple suggested us to go to Pelosa beach; and, according to them, Pelosa Beach is like being in Caribbean beaches: Trust us, is like that. We decided to drive to Castelsardo. It’s a beautiful town where you can see a castle on the top of the mountain surrounded by the Mare Nostrum (Mediterranean Sea in Latin). Sometimes you happen to be in a certain place at the right moment, because during all night long we could enjoy local town parties, live music, food and traditional drinks from the region. Finally, we slept on a B&B.

Another sunny day joined us in our Sardinia road trip. We spent all day long on the beaches and small towns placed at the northern SIDE of the Island, also known Costa Smeralda. We finished the day on Cala Gonone, AT the east of the Island. This was almost our last day because we had to deliver the car and fly back home to our beloved Barcelona before lunch.

We wish that you enjoyed the pictures from our trip.

Have a nice day! 🙂

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We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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    1. Hi Anna,

      We slept the first night in a camping. The other days we slept “wild” 🙂 on the car or near the car. Just try to find a place where you will not disturb anyone. 🙂

    1. your welcome!!! 😉 you must go! really deserve to spend more than a week there! If you like to be calm and chill out just go to the south of the island. On the other hand, if you would like to stay close to full of tourist, you can go to the north :).

    1. All Europe is amazing. You could spend more than a year visiting all the details that give to us. Europe is the second smallest continent on the world with thousands of little towns and cities around and the birthplace of the Western Culture.

  1. Mis mochileros preferidos, me encantan sus fotos y se ve que la pasaron tan rico que me da envidia!!!! Sardegna es espectacular!!!! Y me encanto todo lo que cuentan en el blog. Besotes los extrano mucho!!!