Leticia, Amazons Day 1

Leticia, Amazons Day 1

Route to Leticia, Amazons.

A dream come true. At last came the long-awaited moment of our lives , go to the jungle. The jungle of the Colombian Amazon. The flight from Bogota, Colombia, was delayed nearly two hours. Nerves to the skin and have to wait two hours a queue out the plane. We finally boarded to Leticia.



At the airport we took a taxi. The price is always the same, about five euros. We recommend you to take the taxi from the airport to the center of Leticia. You can go wolking too, it takes about twenty minutes. As we indicated we took a taxi to La Posada Leticiana. We recommend this place to sleep in Leticia, Amazonas. When we went to Amazons, it was a great place thinking about pricing and  quality. We loved that place beacuse they treared us like their family. They take care of you, they are lovely people.

They recommend us to go to eat to Tierras Amazónicas.. While it seems the typical place for tourists. So yeah, it is. But you can eat well, and for a good price. Important order the fish that are cooked and wrapped in banana leaf. In the afternoon we walkes through Leticia, we went to the port to watch the sunset and then to Santander park. Every day at 5pm happens an unusual phenomenon. Thousands of parrots come to the park to sit in the very big trees. It’s a different experience. See about two or three thousand parrots flying and resting in the branches of the trees in the park was really amazing.

IMG_9592 IMG_9588

In this video you can see the magnificent event that happens every evening in Leticia:

After spending the day in Leticia, capital of Amazonas Department, and ask and ask in hostels, hotels and travel agencies about what could we do near Leticia, all of them always said ‘there is a tourist pack. . bla bla bla…’. A dot we were to throw it all away and accept that there was no plan to join a herd of tourists and try to take out a picture of something while you stick your elbow in the eye of American to make space to photograph anything. In life there are times when one should not give up and fight to the end in order to get what you want. Well, this is exactly what we did. At the last minute, having a few beers in the hostel where we slept, La Posada Leticiana, we had a few beers with Don Mario, owner of the hostel, and his son. Talking, talking asked if there was a way out of the tourist packs already organized and do something for us. At first they did not see very clear, but soon we get the son give us any useful information to Puerto Nariño. Site wonders we read and the son of Don Mario found. Very kindly he informed us of times speedboats and also found that place to sleep we read on the blog of a Colombian blogger was the best option if you want a unique experience. Go to the cabins of Alto del Águila, where Fray Hector Home Young begins to generate an eco-tourism project that represents a productive alternative for indigenous youth.


We had a few beers more and read before going to sleep on our next destination , Puerto Nariño. In a few days we will publish our experience which was the second day in the Colombian Amazon. If you want to see more pictures of our trip you can check our Flickr album.

We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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  1. Qué preciosidad de lugar… Admito con vergüenza que nunca lo había oído. Espectacular el post por cierto, por un ratito me he sentido ahí ^_^ un abrazo!

  2. Leer el post es como volver a recordar vuestro viaje, el que seguí vía redes sociales. Me dais mucha envidia 🙂 A ver si en algún momento cercano -eso espero- yo también me puedo escapar a Leticia. Saludos chicos