Kyoto temples day 3, Japan trip

Kyoto temples day 3, Japan trip

Kyoto temples part I.

We began another day early in the morning at Kyoto. Our goal was to visit some Kyoto temples. We had breakfast at Medicine University before Kyoto Temple’s day. We ate sandwitch and coffee.

We were on the way to Inari Jinja on the bus. Suddenly, we saw a beautiful and big temple. We decided to make stop on our way and visit it. we had an amazing experience in Nishi honganji temple. We were almost alone on the temple. We met really great local people and we enjoyed so much those please. We had the opportunity to meet monks who are living on the temple. It was a shame beacuse we couldn’t understand each other. They didn’t speak english 🙁 .

After spend at least three hours on the temple we decided to go to eat. Again, Ingrid an me trying to look for a nice place to eat. We don’t know how but we found great place. The restaurants in Japan are different from Spain. They use to specialize in one kind of food. In Spain yhere are restaurant that you can eat all different kins of food. In Japan is different. It’s great the point that the restaurants specialize in one kind of food beacuse almost all of them are great. Well, we went for lunch to eat typical japanese udpon (noddles). Small place, local, 5 tables, sitting on the floor, drinking tea and having amazing mood with the boos of tha place. Could be ask something more? Don’t think so. We ate AMAZING noddles. Ones with meet and the other ones spicy – vegetable. No words really.

After the dinner began to rain, a lot. We thought that the world was clsoe to end hehehhe. We spent two hour waiting on the restaurant and then we carry on our day in Kyoto. We were planing to go to Inari Jinja but was late and we changed plans. First Kyoto temples day was calling us. We went to the north of Highashiyama for a walk. We went to Chionin Temple, Nanzenji Temple and Ginkakuji temple. After that, we went for a dinner and then home to sleep. We were dead after walking all day long

Recomendations on Kyoto:

1- Take care beacuse at 5/6 pm all the temples, museums and shops close doors.

2- Take your time to visit the temples.

3- Kyoto Map

Kyoto Temples

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We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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