Day 1, Japan Rail Pass

Day 1, Japan Rail Pass

The dream became real. We are in Japan!!! We arrived to Narita airport. The first thing that we made was to ask for the Japan Rail Pass that we bought in Barcelona. If you are planning to visit Japan and you’ll travel around the country we recommend to buy the Japan Rail Pass. There are different kinds of Japan Rail Pass: for zones, duration trip and confortable seats. You can find all the information on the Japan Rail Pass site. It’s very important to buy before you go to Japan because is not possible to get it once in Japan. Travelling across Japan without Japan Rail Pass will increase the cost of the trip. For example, if you will go from Tokio to Kyoto and come back with bullet train it will be more expensive than buy the Japan Rail Pass for seven days.

We took bullet train, Shinkansen, to go Odawara to meet with our Japanese friend Tomoko. We went for a lunch and walk. We rested a bit before go for dinner. We met with Japanese friends of Tomoko’s family and we spent a really good and amazing time eating the best Japanese food of my live and tasting the local drinks.

We are so surprised with Japanese people. We knew that they are so kind, happy and greatful people. But we couldn’t imagine what we felt first day. All of them try to help us with all of our needs. They are always welcome to give you a hand and thinking in all that you can need. Really, we are in love with this culture and the way that they are and live.

Recommendations before going to Japan:

1- Buy Japan Rail Pass if you’re thinking to travel to different cities
2- Bring some traditional stuff from your country to share with Japanese, they love it

Japanese vocabulary:

Ohaio = good morning

Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures 😉

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We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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