Getaway with a baby less than three months old

Getaway with a baby less than three months old

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First trip with a baby less than three months old, you need to know.

Nine months waiting magnificent the most important day of my life. And, yes, one day after you’re the father of a beautiful baby girl named Valentina. Birth hardened traveler. When I had two months of life I got on a plane to go from Barcelona to Tenerife. I lived there the first year of my life. Being a father does not mean stop traveling, but traveling otherwise. The little baby of the house has been three months and she has already crossed the border of France, and has enjoyed several breaks.

The idea of ​​this post is to list the six commandments that you should not forget if you intend to get away for a day or a couple of days with your baby.

Escapadas con un bebé de menos de tres meses

1. List of what you can NOT forget if you are going for a small trip with a baby less than three months old.

Traveling with a baby means that everything else does not matter, and now the priority is to him / her. At this point there are essential and indispensable things you can not forget the basics:

– Diapers

– Wipes

– Three clothes pack

– Water

– Blanket (depending on the season a type of blanket or other)

– Chest (you have to go with mom)

– Milk Powder

– Bottle + Nipple

– Mobile

– Charger your mobile

– Cash

– Debit Card

– Apiretal

– Serum

– Cream Baby bum

– Specific Medicines if the baby requires


Two. List we recommend to take apart what we have already mentioned in the previous section, in a break with a baby.

– Backpack baby. Manduca recommend.

– Shopping for baby. Many cities already have rental services strollers. If you’re going to recommend the Bugaboo Bee city or Mclaren. However, if you want a 4×4 not hesitate to choose the Bugaboo Camaleon.

– Three clouths packs more. If, gets five changes! Not occupy almost can save you space and good.

– Credit Card

– Camera

– Mesh

– Jacket

– Another blanket of warmth

– Another game more nipple bottle

– Moises

– Pajamas

– Swimsuit

– Sunscreen

– Mosquito repellent

Escapadas con un bebé de menos de tres meses

3 – Where to sleep with a baby less than three months old.

When traveling with a baby is important to consider where you will spend the night. We always traveling with absolutely nothing planned. If we played sleep in the car, on a train, in an airport, on a beach, etc. on the floor. had no compunction. Now, things have changed and we recommend having planned where to spend the night. So, a reservation at a B&B, hostel, apartment, hotel or even take advantage Airbnb and to enjoy a comfortable stay with locals.

Another option, which is what we’re planning to get away this Christmas is to hire a van.


4 – Transportation traveling with a baby.

Just as we mentioned in the previous section did not unceremoniously from where we were to spend the night. By foot, bus, train, boat, car etc.. Traveling with a baby requires some flexibility and security. Traveling by car allows you to adapt any surprise to your needs. The car also has the luxury of time to relax, make decisions without regard to third parties and you can always serve as a roof. Another point to consider is to know the gas stations that have on the way.

If you’re going to take a plane. Important, taking off breastfeeding or pacifier baby. This will help avoid that hath ears hurt from the pressure. Otherwise no problem traveling by plane. Babies barely hear, and q and have the kids in the family a little older say it is easier to travel by plane when babies are around when I year old.


5 – Destination when you go with a baby less than three months.

It is true that any destination is adaptable to all travelers. If you’re traveling with a baby encourage you to learn about the destination. Traveling with a baby is synonymous with junk and go always take on four wheels, I do not mean the car but the stroller small / a. Try to avoid places with lots of stairs and few ramps and / or elevators.

Escapadas con un bebé de menos de tres meses


6 – Breakout with baby essentials: Weather.

If you bring food for the baby do not have to worry about the time. The most important thing is that the baby can change as needed. Times with a baby are almost incalculable. Unforeseen can always arise. In practice we refer: inconsolable weeping just before starting the journey, a leak of those who make history and baby, all clothing is soaked, the blanket that covered him and guard basket … let that take away desire to get up.


Thanks to Patricia and Aida. Two super-moms who have helped make this post be a reality and provide the necessary value to readers.

We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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