Expired Thailand visa

Expired Thailand visa

VISA TRIP TO MYANMAR, BURMA. Expired Thailand visa.

Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.

Today Eric explain how to expand his Thailand Visa, enjoy:

Expired Thailand visa. My 2 months visa is expiring tomorrow and I was told that I have to leave the country. After discussing with some friends they have told me that the fastest solution is to go with a mini-van via a tour operator as most of the foreign people is doing.

I have compared the different trip packages within some of the tour operators in the city and after a long time bargaining I have finally selected one.

The day after, a mini-van picks me at my guesthouse room at 7:00am in the morning but as I was told we will have to pick some other foreign people before leaving the city and heading to the border with Burma.

After a 1 hour “city tour”, we are all in and with the same purpose, get an extra tourist visa month. The trip starts and the final destination is Mae Sai the border Thai “town/city”. It seems that we are all prepared, we all have bought some snacks for the trip and brought some money for an extra shopping at the Burma side since everything might be cheaper there.

After some time (8 hours more or less) and some necessary stops (not so sure how many since I slept most of the trip), we have arrived at the border. The rules are clear, we have 1 hour to cross the border, make some little shopping and come back the Thai side where the mini-van will be waiting for us. Following the rules, all of us are crossing the border and paying the corresponding fee. At the Burma side, I take the opportunity to do some clothes shopping at a very cheap price. It seems that this country is even less developed than Thailand which means that everything should be very cheap.

After my shopping I decided to cross back the border to Thailand and get the desired extra month visa. Back to Thailand and with the visa extension done, the rest of the foreign people were ready to start the trip back to our origin, Chiang Mai. All has been done in a 1 day trip, including the trip back. We have arrived at Chiang Mai at 10pm at night.

I would recommend a longer trip, like spending 2/3 night minimum in Burma since the 1 day trip has been a bit tiring but at that time has been the best solution in my case to solve the problem with my expired Thailand visa.

Expired Thailand visa


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