Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji day 4

Kyoto, Kinkaku-ji day 4

Kyoto day 4. We decided to visit the North of Kyoto. There are a lot of spots and places to visit on Kyoto. But, there is one special that you can not forget: Kinkaku-ji (Golden Temple). Also, there are also two very interesting places to visit close to Kinkaku-ji. Ryoan-ji is a temple in the middle of ver big japanese garden. There is a Zen garden representing the old Zen garden during Edo’s century. Ninna-ji is also a nice spot to visit on the north of Kyoto. We don’t recommend Ninna-ji temple on summer, is better to go during spring time to see cherry blossom.


– Visit the temples early in the morning.

– Visit Ninna-ji temple during spring time.

– Don’t forget to visit Kinkaku-ji temple.


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We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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    1. From me point of view, Kyoto was the city that I enjoyed more in Japan. I liked more than Tokyo. Kyoto is surrounded by temples, simply amazing really. We extremely recommend to visit it.