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Colombia day 5, how to make Panela

Colombia. Trip 2.0 day 5. How to make Panela.

Panela is made from the juice of the sugarcane after boiling and the evaporation. We learnt how the local people work with the cane sugar. First of all, they collect all the sugar cane from the fields. Then, they introduce to the sugar mill, which separate the cane from the juice. After this, they boil the liquid in different hoppers with different temperatures.  When the juice is boiled they introduce to a tins. Then, the locals introduce the tins into a cold water to get the Panela.


crow reposing on a tree



sugar canepanela process

bees at brown sugar

brow sugar proces, panela


learning how to make panela

panela barsSmall bird reposing

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  1. I don’t know much to make Panela and neither I had listen before about this. But the way you explained it was a matter of praise. Thanks

    1. Hi Seema,

      It’s a pleasure to read your words. We hope that you enjoyed the article :)

  2. I love Panela so much. Thanks for sharing the whole process of making it. It’s been really great to be here.

    1. 😉 hehehe thanks for your comment. We finished all the panel that we bought in Colombia :( I think that we must go again hehhe

  3. Como soy medio encanta la aqua de panela.. bien caliente con limonsito y de pronto un pocaso de guaro!

    1. :) graciaaaaaas! nosotros ya estamos disfrutando de agua panela en Barcelona, riquísima!!!

  4. Gracias por consumir productos de mi linda Colombia.

  5. Hola:Puede durar meses. Lo importante es el manejo… mantenerla en lugar seco lejos de corrientes de aire y de humedad. Si conserva su forma compacta, dura; esta apta para el comsumo humano, si se ve revenida o blanda hay que desecharla. Para preparar agua de panela se pone un pocillo de agua y un trozo pequeño de panela y dejar hervir, se prueba para ver si es de su agrado el sabor; si la prefiere más dulce se agrega algo más de panela ,dejar hervir y listo,,Servir bien caliente para estados gripales , tambien se consume fria como refresco.

    1. Here it goes the translation:

      Panela expire depending the place where you have it, must be a dry place. Away from humidity and drafts. You must take care if the block is still hard and compact.

      Then, to cook ‘agua de Panela’ (Panela’s water). Prepare water (half glass) with small piece then try it to know if it’s ok the taste. If you prefer sweeter, then throw more another piece of Panela. Wait to boil the water and it’ll be ready for enjoy it :)

      Panela it’s great for flu-like processes, always drink it hot. Also, you can drink cold like a fresh drink.

  6. I still have 2 blocks of panela from my last visit there. How long does it last before expiring? Not sure if I should continue using it for agua de panela

    1. Hi Scott,

      I don’t know exactly :( When did you buy it? I’m going to ask to my colombian friends and then I’ll tell you! :)

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