Fuji mountain

Day 8, Fuji mountain

Fuji Mountain. I had three amazing travelling experience on my live. First one was in Argentina, when I went to the south of the country, to Calafate, to visit El Perito Moreno. Second experience where I felt something that it’s too dificult to explain with my words was in China.

Kyoto Temples

Kyoto temples day 3, Japan trip

We were on the way to Inari Jinja on the bus. Suddenly, we saw a beautiful temple and we decided to visit it. It was amazing experience to be there almost alone. We met great local people and we enjoyed so much those please. After it, we went for lunch to eat typical japanese udpon (noddles). It was bad afteroon because was raining to much for two hours and we coildn’t finish our plans. Thrn, we went to the north of Highashiyama for a walk and dinner.


Kyoto day 2, Japan trip

Kyoto. We arrived early in the morming. We went to the hostel where we had the reservation for 3 nights (12.000¥ for japanese typical room for 2 people, probably the cheapest place on Kyoto). it’s a nice place with great japanese family. The hostel is far away from the center but with a good bus connections.