Australia road trip Travel Blog

Australia road trip Travel Blog

A dream, Australia road trip

At a specific moment in my life I decided to spend some time in Australia to improve my English, to work on a farm (WWOOF – exchange accommodation and food) to live a new experience, and make Australia road trip travelling around alone in this huge country. The result was amazing! Now, It’s a pleasure to write my experiences to this travel blog.

I started my trip in Sydney, New South Wales, a city with a population of more than 4 million people. There were a lot of Asian people in the streets, and not only in Chinatown. It is definitely a cosmopolitan city and with all the great Sydney vacation ideas I can definitely compliment the with good coffee, architecture, nice beaches, an impressive harbour and bay, beautiful parks and gardens, and friendly people. It is a pretty expensive city, but luckily I was able to spend a few days at my Australian friend’s place. Some places I recommend to visit are: the Opera House, Botanic gardens, The rocks, Bondi Beach, Manly, Sydney Harbour National Park, the walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach, and the Harbour Bridge – which, for me, is the best spot in Sydney.

When I arrived in Australia I had the goal to do an Australia Road Trip. Then, I decided to travel along the east coast until I reached Cairns (Queensland). I dove in the Great Barrier Reef just before Christmas day. It was a long way by bus and train but I spent 3 months there, not only as a tourist, I also worked on a farm for a few weeks. It was a great experience to explain on this travel blog.

After spending some days in Sydney I went to Newcastle for one day. I then went to Gloucester, which a little bit inland, to work on a farm. It was one of the best experiences of my trip. The host was a really friendly and lovely person. I learned a lot about animals, orchards, planting, bees and live. Tony, the farmer, is an amazing guy with a lot experience in live and is a really peaceful person, I’m glad to have met him. I went with Tony and his family to Smiths Lake, close to Forster, for 5 days, where there are nice beaches and lakes.

After working one month, I was excited to begin my Australia road trip, on the farm I went to Coffs Harbour which is a coastal city, where I had my first experience with Couchsurfing. This is an interesting website where people offer their couch or room for free, I highly recommend it! Coffs Harbour isn’t that nice of a city, but I spent 2 days in Peter’s house and he showed me the city and the Big Banana (one of the big things in Australia).

I read on a travel blog about Byron Bay and then the next stop was Byron Bay, the most easterly point of the Australian mainland and one of the most famous surf cities in Australia. It is a city with a lot of hippies and alternative people and in the summer it is very touristy. I worked on a farm close to Mullumbimby, 20 km away from Byron Bay. My second farm was a good experience as well, although it was more of a community consisting of seven neighbors than a farm. Moana was very friendly and treated me well since I did a really good job in her garden. This is the reason I was able to spend 3 weeks on this farm.

I visited Brisbane after Byron Bay and I stayed in Diego’s house, a friend of a friend. Diego is a kind and helpful person and showed me all Brisbane in four days. In Brisbane I visited some museums, the center of the city and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary which is the world’s first and largest Koala Sanctuary.

After Brisbane I started the, Australia Road Trip, long trip to Cairns where I visited 3 really nice spots: Fraser Island, Whitsundays Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. Fraser Island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world and it is so beautiful. It has long beaches, freshwater lakes, and tons and tons of sand which depending on the spot is white or yellow. I traveled in Fraser Island with a lot of European’s who were part of a tour. It was a little bit expensive but worth it to spend a really nice 3 days with all the people that I met.

I Arrived in Whitsundays Islands by boat from Airlie beach, which is a touristy city (famous on all Oceania travel blogs) where all the backpackers, discos and cruise agencies are. But it is worth going to get to Whitehaven beach because it is one of the most paradisiacal beaches in the world.

After Airlie beach and Whitsundays Islands I went to Cairns to dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Another touristy city with a lot of deals for the tourists, but there is great difference from the other tourist cities, in Cairns there are a lot of aboriginal people in the street, unfortunately most of them drunk in the streets. In Cairns I did one of the best things that I’ve ever done which is to dive in the Great Barrier Reef, check the pictures on the travel blog. It was gorgeous, amazing, and a unique experience.

I flew from Cairns to Sydney to stay in the Blue Mountains (close to Sydney) for Christmas days with my Australian friend and his family. In Sydney we watched the best fireworks in the world, it was something that I must explain on this travel blog. But before New Year´s Eve I worked on two farms for two weeks in south Sydney, which was also a good experience also.

After spending too much days in Sydney, my idea was to go to Melbourn the cheapest way possible. I finally discovered Gumtree, one of the best travel websites and travel blogs in Australia which facilitates finding a flat mate, travel mate, a job or anything else. I found an English guy with rental car, and together with a German girl and French girl we made the trip Sydney-Melbourne. At the end, when we were arriving in Melbourne, we decided to extend the trip and travel the Great Ocean Road just before arriving in Melbourne. One of the most scenic and beautiful coast roads in the world, where we were able to see hundreds of Koalas on the road and really nice beaches.

In Melbourne, like Sydney, there are a lot of Asian people, museums and good coffee, but there aren’t good beaches like Sydney. However, there is more art than in Sydney and the Botanic garden is nicer than the one in Sydney. After visiting Melbourne properly, I went to work on my last farm in Australia, where I worked six hours per day. The farm was so huge with a lot of animals, ducks, chickens, kangaroos, emus, horses and dogs.

After Melbourne, the last stop of my trip was Adelaide, and again I was able to get there via Gumtree which was really helpful because it was the cheapest and the best way to get there. I paid only 50$ for a 780 km car ride with a German girl. Adelaide is a city with wide streets, a lot of parks, music and theatre festivals and much less stressful than Sydney and Melbourne.

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We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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