6 Travel tips for Amazon

6 Travel tips for Amazon

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We listed few travel tips for Amazon that you must know before your trip.

Once finished our trip to the Amazon we are with courage and experience to explain some advices if you are planing a trip to the Amazon:

1. It is save to travel to the Colombian Amazon. There are not public order problems, guerrilla and kidnappings. Logically, you can feel the presence of drug trafficking but as a tourist you will not miss anything. Just in case, don’t put your nose where you should not.

2. We recommend to wear suitable footwear and waterproofs. For proper shoes and boots we mean long trousers. If your shoes are too heavy, local people recommend get it out whenever you upload a boat and / or canoe as a preventive measure. Swimming with a heavy shoes is virtually impossible. Here you can check some packing tips for amazon trip.

3. Try to get out of the tourist tours proposed all agencies and hotels. The Colombian Amazon, you can visit on your own without having to go to any enclosed plan. Most of the tourist pays to carry them like sheeps with 15 or 20 more tourists . It is the biggest mistake you can do. That’s not the Colombian Amazon real. If you need more information and want to do something more adventurous do not hesitate to comment on the post and we’ll try to help you.

4. Try not to have a quarter basis point. We refer to you to try to not marry more than three nights in one place. In most cities, towns and communities have to stay to sleep. It would be a shame to travel to the Amazon and tours always start from the same place, for example Leticia. In our opinion, Leticia just a couple of nights deserves. Important to note that there are hotels close to Leticia and Puerto Nariño that do not let you easy to go for a walk at night access. What they call prison hotel. Which means that once you are in the hotel you have easy mobility for yourself to move.

5. Check vaccine you should have put before traveling to the Amazon. Recommend yellow fever, typhoid and rabies.

6. The time. If you have long recommend spending as much as possible. If you have limited time, we recommend at least a week.


We said goodbye to this post with this magnificent sunset we saw from Leticia, Colombia, the first evening of our trip to the Amazon.

Viajar al Amazonas

We consider enthusiastic, dynamic and crazy to learn what we like. Few days after of we met each other we made our first trip together. After this trip we couldn’t stop travelling. Travel is our lives and picturing what we see our hobby.

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  1. Extremely helpful! I am planning to visit Leticia (2D1N) and Puerto Narino (2D1N) this coming month. Do you have suggestion which hotel to choose? Muchissima gracias….

  2. Looka like a very beautiful place. I would love to visit one day. What airport do you dly into when visiting Leticia?