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Colombia day 8, fishing day

Colombia day 8. Fishing day. Today the local colombian people who we...

21st Jan

Colombia day 7, Andrés Carne de Res

Colombia. Trip 2.0 day 6 Andrés Carne de Res. Andrés Carne de Res is...

15th Dec

Via Crucis, Colombia day 6

Colombia. Trip 2.0 day 6 Via Crucis. Via Crucis. This morning we met...

17th Nov

Colombia day 5, how to make Panela

Colombia. Trip 2.0 day 5. How to make Panela. Panela is made...

09th Nov
panela bee

Kerala top facts

Kerala. Kerala. Planning a trip to India? If you fancy experiencing life in...

26th Oct

Trekking through the hills, Colombia day 4

Colombia, trekking day through the hills. We woke up ready to make...

13th Oct

Sasaima, Colombia day 3

Sasaima, Colombia. As you can see on the first picture, I was...

15th Sep
Colombia - Sasaima

Colombia coffee beans, day 2

Backpacking in Colombia, coffee beans day. We drove around 3 hours before...

10th Sep

Colombia day 1

We arrived in Colombia. Barcelona, Madrid, Bogota then three more hours driving...

30th Aug

Morocco video

Hi people! We finished the first video edition. It’s a mix about...

25th Aug

Expired Thailand visa

Expired Thailand visa. My 2 months visa is expiring tomorrow and I was told that I have to leave the country. After discussing with some friends they have told me that the fastest solution is to go with a mini-van via a tour operator as most of the foreign people is doing.

21st Aug
Expired Thailand visa

Thailand Islands

Thailand is one of the popular travel places in the world and it is the home to lot of tropical islands. Phuket is the famous Thailand island and it is between pattaya and Bangkok. There are plenty of wonderful white sand beaches on this island that include karon, patong, kamala, kata, nai harn and surin. When you want to enjoy nightlife, you can choose either samui or phuket for your next tour.

21st Aug
Thailand Islands

Thai mushrooms

I have been asked by some Thai friends for going to find thai mushrooms tomorrow morning (Sunday) at the mountains and I have accepted of course, since I love to eat mushrooms. They have told me we would go quite early; around 6am in the morning we should be there so I need to be ready at 5:30am. Sunday 5:30am and I’m awake, incredible, but happy to start this new adventure/experience in Thailand. We are all going with our motorbikes and we are going slowly since it’s still dark.

19th Aug
Thai mushrooms

Thai rice fields

Since I’m leaving in a Thai family I have proposed myself as a rice farm worker/helper. My colleagues have asked me to be awake at 6:00am in the morning so we can have breakfast all together.

17th Aug
Thai rice fields

Thai Boxing fight

Thai Boxing fight. August 2005, Samui Island, South of Thailand. At that time I was 20 years old. I have been training during 2 intensive months at the WMC Lamai Muay Thai Camp...

15th Aug
Thai Boxing fight